About Flowers

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Blooms by Vickrey has flowers for every situation. If you don’t like cookie cutter solutions, then we can help you give an arrangement that is unique and perfectly fits the occasion. Visit our collection of flowers for any occasion.

There are many meanings behind the color and type of flowers. Understanding the meanings can help you say even more with the gift of blooms.

  • Red roses represent romance. The color red is also passionate and strong. Choose red if you want an arrangement as intense as your feelings.
  • Elegant and pure, white flowers are simply beautiful. Fresh floral arrangements featuring any variety of white flowers make a statement.
  • Sending a bouquet of yellow flowers is sure to get a smile. Yellow stirs up feelings of joy and cheerfulness. It’s also a symbol of friendship.
  • Purple flowers are dignified and rich. An arrangement filled with purple blooms represents accomplishment and admiration.
  • The green movement respects nature. The color green represents health, good fortune, and youth. Whether used as an accent or
    represented in a container garden, green is a contemporary expression of optimism.
  • Think pink. Young love. Celebrating the birth of a baby girl. Pink stirs up feelings of innocence and promise.

Visit our collection of flowers in a variety of colors.

There are few gifts that have more meaning than flowers. Not only do colors represent emotions and feelings, certain flowers have meanings as well. We all know, red roses represent love. But, did you know that gladioli represent infatuation? A bouquet tells the recipient that they fill the giver’s heart with passion and desire. Bird of paradise mean joy and are the 9th wedding anniversary flower. Using the appropriate flowers can not only make your arrangement beautiful, but can also enhance your message. Our flower experts can help you make just the right statement. Visit our collection of flowers in a variety of blooms.